delancey square

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delancey square


Just like each wearer, all of my scarves are individually crafted, hand-cut and dyed.

No one scarf is like the other, each has something unique and special to offer. I am a true believer in ethical fashion and all of my materials are non-toxic, organic and made in the USA. 

This great jersey cotton scarf from the Gotham Collection can be worn many ways! 
Stamped Squares are made using excess dyes with our stencils.
100% organic jersey cotton. 
non-toxic dyes 
heather rose label stamped on outside corner 
dimensions are 57"H X 57" W. 
(all scarves handmade & slightly vary in size) 
organic jersey cotton is soft, stretchy, & absolutely perfect for travel.
All of heather rose items are organic, handmade & one-of-a kind!

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